Zoe Cairns

Zoe Cairns

What can I say! Doug Ponsford was my mentor for over 7 years and he has shown me and taught me so much. From scheduling my everyday life to getting into the right mindset he provided me with so much knowledge. Doug is a talented, knowledgeable and a friendly man who is willing to help anyone. You can confide in him for any issues, concerns or successes and he will either help you to turn the problems around or praise you for succeeding.

What I loved about Doug is he kept me accountable! If I didn’t take action then he would kick my a**e!!! I now know that you can achieve anything you want to achieve if you take BIG action.

Doug made me believe in myself, and told me I can have, do, and be anything I wanted to be and it come true! I was a girl who was shy, hated speaking in public, thought I couldn’t succeed and worried a lot.

Now I am a business owner, international speaker, and trainer achieving amazing things and loving it! Having flown from Doug’s nest I am now experiencing a fantastic world of opportunities in which I can identify due to the knowledge and experience of Doug’s teachings and mentoring.

Thank you D for all your help, advice, knowledge, time and most of all your friendship.

Zoe xx

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