Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens

Hi Doug! Love the new website! Since we last spoke, I’ve continued to use the tools you gave me and my dream of working in music is now a reality! I have now begun my training to become a harp therapist and had a meeting last week with a potential funder regarding the setting up of harp circles in the local area. The founder of the harp circles in the US has offered to come to the UK in the summer to set up some presentations to potential schools/residential homes/community projects etc to inform them about the harp circles and how they can benefit from them. I love playing the harp more and more each day and it feels so great to have finally overcome my fear of performing for others and to have finally stopped living with the “I never pursued my music dream” script going on in my head!!! The transformation has been amazing and I really feel that without your coaching, I would never have got this far and certainly not so quickly! Now I just need to focus as much energy onto my other dreams and I look forward to living the end results!!!! Thank you so much!


HI Doug!!! I’m back again to update you some more! I remember when I first started coaching with you and I told you that I would love to play the harp but there was no way I ever thought I would be able to afford to buy a harp of my own. A few weeks ago I had confirmation that I have been granted £4160 funding to purchase not just one harp but SIX therapy harps and all the kit I need to set up my music business running harp circles in the community. This will allow me to work with children, adults, elderly, those with disabilities, those in hospitals and hospices, local support groups and many more. It is a dream come true!

Yesterday I came across my journal that I had started writing when we were having coaching sessions. I must admit that I had abandoned my journal and recently, despite being on track with my dream, I had started to water a fair few mental weeds once again and was not feeling on top form. Sitting reading my journal, about my imaginary life living my dreams, I could really notice how much better I felt, how excited I felt once again and even more so now that I can see my dreams coming true. What’s more, while I was reading all about my abundant life, I discovered a sealed blank envelope tucked inside my journal and I opened it to discover £10! I have no idea what it was doing in there, or why it was there, but I can tell you it turned up right at the time I most valued finding it, because my thoughts were on abundance! I realised that I really want to get back to my journaling. After all, I now have the harp circles I dreamt about running, I now need to get myself ready to move into the beach house where I shall be running them!!!

Thanks once again for all your help and for the tools you have shared with me. I do wonder whether I would have reached this point without your help to get me started, possibly not, and certainly not so quickly I’m sure

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