One 2 one coaching session around an hour:

This session will provide you with the tools which will help you to find your direction, to focus on your outcome and discover for yourself what has been holding you back from achieving your life’s goals, dreams and desires. This can be both a time of discovery and a springboard to launch you into making those all important plans, to be implemented by taking action towards creating the vision for your dream outcome

One 2 one coaching session block of 4:

The most profound thing you could ever do is to take control of your own mind, the human mind being the most powerful processor of information known to mankind. You not only have the capability, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to harness the power of your own mind and to take control of your life. In doing so you will gradually build up a resistance to those limiting thoughts that seem constantly fill your head like a runaway train, out of control. In just 4 one hour sessions taken at you own pace, you will discover the solid foundations you will use to build upon, to provide you with those everlasting changes you have been searching for. You will put into practice some very simple techniques which will give you immediate results; you will feel and see the life changes in you and those around you. As you progressively discover more of my material and put it into practice, you will uncover a new way of life, a realization that you have the ability to make your own informed choices of what it is you want from life and knowledge of how to get it.

One 2 one coaching session block of 6:

As with the block of 4 coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress by Phone, Skype, Text, MSN messenger or email between sessions. By pre-booking a further two sessions you not only save on your investment, you will also achieve a much deeper understanding of the material that you will be exposed to, you will accelerate your learning and create mind blowing results for yourself. Ongoing support will be provided whichever option you choose.

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